Atorix IT Solutions


Global businesses are witnessing massive turnaround from fluctuating international markets, rapid mergers and acquisitions, aggressive growth plans, rapid business expansions and the ability to cope up with today’s digital invasion. These factors have immensely influenced organizations to look for scalable enterprise solutions, for driving their corporate performance and future business growth.

Atorix IT Solutions is one of the Global organization platforms that offers SAP ERP services for business. We provide SAP implementation rollout services to clients who are willing to extend their existing SAP environment to other organization functions, location and processes. Our team understands the special requirements of customers and modify them and gives an overall draft for implementation of add-on functional modules in an existing SAP environment. Our implementation consulting teams have best powerful processes and strategies to ensure that implementations and rollouts of additional modules are well-managed, expeditious and cause minimum disruption to normal operations.

SAP HANA Implementation Process By Atorix Consulting

 Identify: Identify the best options available for the enterprise to adopt the HANA technology into their landscape

• Determine: Determine the important business values and implementation values for each HANA option above

• Plan: Plan the current Environment into HANA by utilizing the current available data, enhancements and efficiencies

• Validate: Validate the solutions required for the enterprises to implement the SAP HANA option

• Deliver: Deliver the required solutions for the enterprise for implementing the predetermined SAP HANA strate