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SAP Analytics Hub – All Analytics on one Platform

SAP Analytics HUB has a great concept of analytics deployments to simply access all analytics at one stall across the organization applications and platforms.

In the digital world, business is data-driven. To make informed decisions and respond rapidly to changing business conditions, employees need relevant analytics in real time. However for most of the organizations, analytics lack enterprise-wide penetration. So how can your IT group extend analytics to the widest possible base of business users and deliver the insight needed for better, faster decision making?

The SAP Analytics Hub solution can help to brings all BI analytics into one place as per business need. A great asset for self-service analytics in the area of SAP and Non-SAP to one place.

What is SAP Analytics Hub (SAH)?

SAP Analytics Hub is a new software as a service (SaaS) offering that aims to address the challenge of limited analytics adoption. SAP Analytics Hub empowers more business users to make better decisions with the right analytics available to the right user at the right time. SAP Analytics Hub simplifies access to analytics scattered around multiple heterogeneous environments and grants users with actionable insights without compromising agility.