Atorix IT Solutions


A real-time process monitoring software solution for SAP enterprise services.

It is common knowledge among companies that SAP integration with third-party software is paramount for getting the most out of IT investments. Bereft of the advantages of SAP integration with third-party software, companies would not be able to maintain the momentum of the business. The classic integration demands of security, performance, and uptime are still relevant. On the other hand, additional requirements for SAP integration with third-party software have also emerged over the past few years. Due to the shift towards Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology paradigms, companies view SAP integration with third-party software as a fundamental aspect of process-centric business infrastructure software initiatives. IT organizations are on constant search for ways to add further value to SAP software and other investments while facilitating transparency in the process.

The breadth of SAP software offers numerous benefits to SAP customers and adds to their competitive advantage. However, the sophistication offered by SAP implementation comes with multiple complexities. Many factors must be kept in mind for SAP integration with third-party software. Additionally, specific factors need to be considered for the integration of SAP-centric environments, such as Business Process Management (BPM) and SOA.