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SAP Business One HANA vs SAP Business One SQL Comparison Review

The differences between the two versions of SAP Business One have been highly debated over the years.

First of all, what exactly is SAP Business One HANA? HANA is the “In memory” database technology proprietary of SAP. Super-fast for large volumes of data.

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As an SAP Business One customer, you have a choice of database between MS SQL Server and SAP HANA. SAP has built functionality into SAP Business One that is only available in the HANA version of SAP Business One.

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Which is the best database solution for SAP Business One?

The answer to this question will depend on your requirements. SAP Business One HANA is gaining traction and there is no doubt that SAP is increasingly offering new functions and features on SAP Business One HANA (in memory). HANA only functionality include:

1. Improved and additional analytical options– Pervasive Analytics, Interactive Analysis and Analytical Portal

2. Additional integration options– ODATA and Service Layer

3. Added functionality– Intelligent Forecasting, Advanced Available to Promise, Delivery Schedule Management

4. Modern HTML cockpit interface

5. Enterprise HANA features– in-memory technology, real-time data modelling (aggregations)