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Testing and Support

SAP Testing is a type of software testing that validates SAP ERP Implementations. At any point when you change or customize SAP software, test cases need to be created to check the new functionality. You must also test the SAP system after implementing any maintenance release notes. SAP testing can also involve – Performance Testing. (to check the speed of sap applications) & web testing (for SAP web portals).

There are different testing methods that can be used to test the functionality of a software, system, or an application.

The most common testing techniques are −

  • Unit Testing − It is a type of white-box testing that involves testing a single unit or group of units.

  • Integration Testing − In this testing, multiple systems are combined together to test the output of the integrated system.

  • Functional Testing − It checks the functionality of each module as per the desired result.

  • Usability Testing − It checks the ease of use of an application or a system. It checks how easy it would be for a new user to use an application or to understand the system.

  • Acceptance Testing − Acceptance testing is performed to test if a system meets the user requirement and whether to accept the application or system.

  • System Testing − Entire system is tested as per the requirement and specification.

  • Stress Testing − In this testing, the system is put into stress beyond its specification to check when it fails.

  • Performance Testing − This testing is performed to check if the system meets the performance requirement.

  • Regression Testing − It includes testing the full application or system for the modifications.

  • Beta Testing − The aim of beta testing is to cover unexpected errors. It falls under the class of black-box testing. It is performed by releasing the pre-version of the final product, called Beta